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Retreat Dharma Talks

Insight Meditation March Month Long

2009-03-02 (28 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

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2009-03-14 About Meditation and Love 59:18
Marie Mannschatz
Meditation as a life-long practice
2009-03-15 Metta - Seeing Our Goodness 59:46
Dori Langevin
Exploring the history of the Metta Sutta and Metta as antidote to ill-will
2009-03-17 Rivers of Wisdom 50:49
Adrianne Ross
How seeing the Five Aggregates as unsatisfactory, impermanence and not self leads to liberation.
2009-03-18 Wisdom and the Path 57:40
Gil Fronsdal
2009-03-19 The True Test of Wisdom 50:22
Trudy Goodman
Truthfulness Parami and what the Buddha taught is the test for wisdom - how to purify the heart.
2009-03-20 Energies of the Heart 53:24
Marie Mannschatz
In the heart the beauty of the human spirit comes alive.
2009-03-21 7 Factors 56:00
John Travis
2009-03-22 The Joy of Sila Parami 53:04
Trudy Goodman
Understanding sila as the foundation of Karma and inspiring stories. How sila as respect and love can become a default setting for us -- The Buddha said sila is his dharma heir, our teacher.
2009-03-24 Wise Intention II 59:34
Adrianne Ross
How moment-to-moment awareness of the 3 wise intentions leads to wise action and happiness.
2009-03-26 Bodhicitta 55:30
John Travis
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