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Retreat Dharma Talks

Wide and Deep (One Day Meditation Retreat)

The middle way that the Buddha taught is rich with possibilities. The term "middle" does not define a narrow conformity only achieved by sidestepping errors, but rather a vast invitation to profoundly come to life. On this day we practise a wide and deep middle by expanding our understanding of and connection to all things, including ourselves.

2024-03-23 (1 day) Gaia House

2024-03-23 Welcome, and Guided Meditation 61:04
Nathan Glyde
2024-03-23 Dharma Reflections 11:35
Nathan Glyde
2024-03-23 Guided Mettā Meditation 40:32
Nathan Glyde
2024-03-23 Closing Session, Reflections on Dana 21:03
Nathan Glyde
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