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Retreat Dharma Talks

Liberating Ways of Looking

Practice can unveil fundamental truths about being human. We may discover that all of experience is shaped and co-created by our ways of relating to what is unfolding in our inner and outer life. Establishing and deepening this insight can open possibilities of seeing and understanding that will allow us to explore new, liberating ways of experiencing ourselves and the world. We may also recognize unexamined, habitual ways to perceive and interpret which, with their accompanying limiting narratives, dynamics and beliefs, can curb what we sense as to be possible for our heart-mind and restrain its receptive openness, intuitive intelligence and sense of wonder.

In this retreat we tend to our body, heart and mind with sensitivity and curiosity. We inquire into how Buddhist teachings can be understood as liberating ways of looking, as compassionate and transforming perspectives that, when wholeheartedly engaged with, reduce suffering and unveil the potentials of the human heart.

2023-10-09 (7 days) Gaia House

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2023-10-13 A Bit More on Practicing Anicca 43:12
Yahel Avigur
2023-10-13 Questions and Responses 67:44
Kirsten Kratz, Yahel Avigur
2023-10-13 A Wonderful Companion on the Path: Kindness. Short Reflections and Guided Meditation 52:18
Kirsten Kratz
2023-10-14 Reflections: "Not-Self" as Liberating Perception and the Lessening of Sense of Self. Guided Meditation: "Not Me, Not Mine, Not I" 46:41
Kirsten Kratz
2023-10-14 The Co-arising of Insight and Mettā 54:58
Yahel Avigur
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