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Retreat Dharma Talks

Auckland Insight weekly talks 2023

Selected talks and guided meditations from Auckland Insight's weekly group meeting

2023-02-02 (317 days) Auckland Insight Meditation

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2023-08-03 talk: the pāramī of equanimity 32:41
Jill Shepherd
Expectations are the enemy of equanimity
2023-08-10 talk: What is Dhamma? 54:44
Anushka Fernandopulle
2023-09-07 talk: Reviewing all ten pāramī, in conversation with Auckland Insight sangha members 46:31
Jill Shepherd
2023-10-12 talk: the pāramī of patience and resolve 27:50
Jill Shepherd
Some reflections on how the pāramī of patience and resolve provide crucial support for both regular meditation practice and retreat practice. Includes an exploration of the need to honour natural rhythms, and how metaphorically "lying fallow" allows deeper healing and wisdom to emerge
2023-10-19 talk: pāramī of mettā - kindness, good will 20:29
Jill Shepherd
Exploring what supports kindness and what gets in the way, focusing on self-view and clinging to being right; includes a short guided meditation on "practicing being wrong"
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