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Retreat Dharma Talks

The Women Gather: Finding Refuge in Our Collective Healing Wisdom

Every one of us are powerful beyond measure. As Black Women, there are many ways this truth becomes lost to our awareness. Contempt of the feminine and violence toward the black body intersect to colonize our lives and thoughts, constraining access to our internal resources and collective freedom.

Through silent and guided meditations, wisdom sharing, embodiment practices, and honoring the presence of our well ancestors, we’ll investigate the ways we internalize our oppression and illuminate the depth, power, and sacredness of our being. Collectively, we’ll practice the wisdom of the Dharma to harness our intuitive healing wisdom and creativity.

Through these practices, we’ll cultivate greater clarity of vision, resilience, and skillful response as we face life’s uncertainties. In particular, we’ll attune to the Buddha’s prescription for purifying the heart through lovingkindness and compassion, as we deepen our understanding of the importance of reclaiming joy on our journey toward liberation.

2022-04-10 (5 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2022-04-13 Vedana (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 52:19
Konda Mason
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