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Retreat Dharma Talks

Transforming Self - Transforming World (online series)

The ‘Four Immeasurable’, ‘Brahma-Viharas’ or ‘Sublime Attitudes’ are Buddhist teachings that connect most directly with our yearning for true happiness. They hold the promise that we are all capable -no matter where we may find ourselves at times- to access and cultivate the qualities of limitless goodwill (‘Metta’), compassion (‘Karuna’), joy (‘Mudita’) and equanimity (‘Uppekha’). Qualities or 'ways of looking' fuelled by our deepening understanding that transform and liberate. By unveiling, celebrating and nourishing these attitudes we discover an increasing freedom from our conditioned and often painful ways of seeing the world and ourselves, coming more and more from a place that is informed by love, connection and wisdom.

"Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty." Albert Einstein

2022-01-12 (29 days) Gaia House

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2022-01-12 Week 1 - The 4 Immeasurables - An Overview 1:18:50
Kirsten Kratz
Introduction, Guided Meditation, Instructions for Inquiry Practice.
2022-01-12 Week 1 - Guided Meditation 18:30
Kirsten Kratz
Arriving and grounding.
2022-01-14 Week 1 - Guided Meditation 34:20
Kirsten Kratz
Being Received in Kindness
2022-01-19 Week 2 - Guided Meditation 47:25
Kirsten Kratz
Metta - Kindness to Self, Benefactor, and Neutral Person
2022-01-19 Week 2 - Dharma Talk: Exploring Friendliness & Well-Wishing - Metta 64:33
Kirsten Kratz
Includes Guided Meditation and Instructions for Inquiry Practice
2022-01-21 Week 2 - Guided Meditation 38:55
Kirsten Kratz
Boundless Kindness
2022-01-23 Week 2 - Instructions and Guided Meditation 51:05
Kirsten Kratz
-Welcoming All Experience With Kindness and Compassion
2022-01-26 Week 3 - Exploring Compassion - Karuna 1:24:31
Kirsten Kratz
Instructions & Guided Meditation
2022-01-28 Week 3 - Guided Meditation 40:15
Kirsten Kratz
Holding Self & Other in Compassion
2022-01-28 Week 3 - Guided Meditation 42:49
Kirsten Kratz
Breathing w Compassionate Presence
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