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The greatest gift is the
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Retreat Dharma Talks

Journey into Refuge, Presence, and Love

In these overwhelming times, let’s deepen refuge, as well as reconnect with community and our shared roots within the sacred web of life. This will be a time of contemplation and remembrance as we journey through the grief of so much loss and the hope of the human spirit, offering thanks for the beauty of this world.

Within contemplative quietude, supported by calm and insight meditation in a mindful, gentle retreat container, we will draw from teachings and practices that enable timelessness and openings into the heart medicine of love and compassion.

The retreat will source from a synthesis of the Theravada Elder’s Way and Mahayana practices and teachings around Quan Yin’s compassionate Bodhisattva Path. This includes mantras, chanting, and ceremony. The retreat concludes with a Quan Yin Compassion Ceremony.

In addition to Dharma talks, meditation instructions, and daily yoga sessions, there will be small group meetings with the teachers.

2021-11-19 (10 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

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2021-11-20 Patiently Arriving : The Alchemy of Awareness--Retreat at Spirit Rock (Day 1) 59:05
First Day. Overview of Path: Sila (Virtuous Restraint), Samadhi (Collectedness), Panna (Wisdom). Patience and kindness in cultivating mindfulness of breathing. Buddho - Sacred word and moderating thought.
2021-11-20 The Wise Body 48:43
Dawn Mauricio
This talk addresses in broad terms the first foundation of mindfulness. The main points include recognizing our innate wisdom and slowing down to listen to it.
2021-11-21 Morning Sit with Instruction 33:39
Dawn Mauricio
2021-11-21 The Hindrances Becoming Awakening 47:37
Gullu Singh
A talk on the 5 so called Hindrances and balancing being with them and skillful means to transmute them.
2021-11-22 Morning Meditation with Instructions 44:50
Gullu Singh
2021-11-22 True Peace Is Not Far Away 53:02
The revelatory power of contemplating change, unreliability, and not self. What robs the heart of well being? Recognizing hindrances as teachers. Letting go.
2021-11-23 The Interplay Between Samatha and Vipassana 47:28
Calm and Insight; contemplating supports for samadhi (unification of heart). Vitakka (directed thought), vicara (exploring, receptive attention), piti (joy), sukha (ease). Guided Meditation through 16 steps of Anapanasati Sutta.
2021-11-23 Inner Peace is Not Apart from Activism 53:12
The gift of the 4 Noble Truths in meeting the challenge of these times. A transmission of courage from Ajahn Chah. The profound impact of the Buddha's engagement with the world.
2021-11-24 Yin Meditation - Depth receptivity to internal experience. 29:55
Moving from goal to source. This is how it is now. Contemplation within the frame of the 4 Noble Truths.
2021-11-24 Freedom is the Essence of All Things (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 56:26
Contemplating what never changes. The indestructible heart. Mind the Gap. Radical reflection, returning to the root, where all things merge. Kuan Yin's meditation method.
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