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Unseating the Inner Tyrant

Ajahn Sucitto will be giving a guided meditation, Dhamma talk, plus Q&A on the themes of self-hatred, self-doubt, and negative thought patterns.
2021-04-10 (1 day) Dharma Realm Buddhist University

2021-04-10 Guided Meditation – Disengaging from Sense Consciousness 14:51
Ajahn Sucitto
In meditation we’re stepping back from sense consciousness, dipping beneath it to find something deeper, balanced and bearing value. This is where the wealth of our life lies, and it naturally comes forth when we disengage from sense data.
2021-04-10 The Inner Tyrant 31:37
Ajahn Sucitto
We are engaging in a world that is innately unsatisfactory. Yet, within that it’s important to find an accurate sense of purpose, ethical orientation and belonging. These are areas where the self-critical ‘inner tyrant’ quality will inevitably be activated. The Tyrant’s ‘I’m not good enough’ message can be recognized as a program rather than a meaningful description of ‘who I am’. Through the practices of disengagement, embodiment and goodwill, the program can be dismantled.
2021-04-10 The Inner Tyrant Q&A 19:48
Ajahn Sucitto
How to take the teachings seriously but not make them into causes for suffering; strategies for non-compulsiveness when writing; how to skillfully relate to regret and remorse over our past actions; advice for living with the constant conditioning of the world that does not support a harmonious way of living; role of being a teacher seems to make the inner tyrant virus worse – any advice?
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