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Retreat Dharma Talks

Online Dharma Hall - Mar 2021

2021-03-01 (31 days) Gaia House

2021-03-11 Truthfulness and Honesty in our Lives and Practice 1:11:18
Zohar Lavie
Guided meditation and Dharma talk
2021-03-13 All Kinds of Kindness 63:43
Nathan Glyde
What would our practice look like with mettā at the centre, as the goal, or as the heart of all we do. Guided practice and talk.
2021-03-20 Opening Perspective, Inclining To Well-Being 66:40
Zohar Lavie
Guided meditation and Dharma Talk
2021-03-27 The Great Practice of Life 1:12:57
Nathan Glyde
Online Dharma Hall session exploring practice in all four postures, and making the efforts to awaken the paramis and abandon the hindrances, and their roots and routes.
2021-03-28 The Buddhas Advice on Cultivating Wellbeing and Happiness 65:44
Zohar Lavie
Meditation and Dharma talk. The Sutta that is mentioned: AN 8.54. To Dighajanu from the Aṅguttara Nikāya, in the Book of the Eights.
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