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Dharma Talks Access for Retreatants

Living a life of mutual benefit: Exploring the Noble Eightfold Path

A multi-week class series looking at the Noble Eightfold Path as support for living a fully engaged and mutually beneficial life
2021-02-18 (133 days) Auckland Insight Meditation

2021-02-18 01 talk: Living a life of mutual benefit - introduction to the Noble Eightfold Path 31:00
Jill Shepherd
Beginning talk of a series on the Noble Eightfold Path
2021-03-04 02 Talk: Wise View and Freedom 20:49
Jill Shepherd
A short introduction to Wise View, and an exploration of how different views of Nibbana might affect our practice
2021-03-25 03 talk: Wise Intention and the bliss of renunciation 29:48
Jill Shepherd
2021-04-08 04 meditation: simple mindfulness of the body and breathing, with an orientation to metta 30:08
Jill Shepherd
Beginning with chanting the Karaniyametta Sutta in English as an invitation to orient towards kindness while settling into mindfulness of the body and mindfulness of breathing
2021-04-08 05 talk: Wise Intention p2 - metta, kindness 22:24
Jill Shepherd
Exploring the second aspect of Wise Intention, metta or kindness, as a support for understanding anatta, not-self
2021-04-22 meditation: arriving and steadying 29:14
Jill Shepherd
2021-04-22 tallk: Wise Speech and the power of truth 18:16
Jill Shepherd
2021-05-06 talk: Wise Speech p2 18:27
Jill Shepherd
Looking at lesser-known aspects of Wise Speech, including how the Buddha at times endorsed harsh speech if necessary to prevent harm; also exploring the role of wise listening to help discern when and how to speak
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