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Dharma Talks Access for Retreatants

Teach na Tuisceana Weekend Retreat (*pronounced Tjuck na Tooshana)

2020-10-24 (2 days) Teach na Tuisceana

2020-10-24 The Doing and Non-Doing of Meditation 20:08
  Ajahn Sucitto
Meditation has two aspects: the limiting of mental activity and the staying on track with the heart. Resolution and mindfulness of body act as supports. Use embodied energy to restrain ‘doingness’, and to clear and fortify the heart so that wisdom can arise.
2020-10-24 Guided Meditation – Open Body, Open Heart 29:57
  Ajahn Sucitto
Guidance for moving from the anatomical body to sensing into the energy body. Switch off what isn’t needed, step attention back and listen. As one opens the body, one opens the heart. This is the basis for wisdom.
2020-10-24 Walking Meditation – The Pleasant Fluidity of Walking 9:07
  Ajahn Sucitto
Approach walking meditation like swimming, feeling the body moving through space. There’s a swing, a pleasant fluidity. Hold any concerns that arise in your embodiment, giving the heart a foundation to listen from. It will eventually speak for itself.
2020-10-25 Guided Meditation - Widening the Heart 26:14
  Ajahn Sucitto
Instructions for sustaining a wide, soft awareness that includes it all. Aware of the background, aware of the details, the stillness, the movement – let things be as they are. Let citta learn from its own fluidity.
2020-10-25 Coming out of detail 30:39
  Ajahn Sucitto
Making the shift from the activities of daily life into something much quieter, we learn to recognize and encourage the qualities of citta – knowingness, sensitivity, resonance. Smooth out the wrinkles of details that catch our attention and sustain a wide, open focus that includes the range of circumstances and emotions that arise. This is a blessing and a refuge, our true home.
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