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Insights to Live By

With Tovana offered online
2020-09-24 (5 days) Sangha Seva

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2020-09-27 The Ending of Dukkha 44:20
  Nathan Glyde
How mettā, samādhi, and insight support each other and support the ending of dukkha.
2020-09-28 Day 4 Instructions - Seeing Not-Self Anattā 66:34
  Nathan Glyde
Meditation instructions exploring the strategy of not-self–how is it to apply the recipe of seeing this is not me, not mine, not my self? Before that a few words sustaining our meditation experience: 1. keeping the balloon of practice alive through all postures, and 2. the idea of taking a victory lap when the bell rings–rather than ending quickly.
2020-09-28 Hebrew - Insight To Live By Closing Dharma Talk.mp3 33:44
  Zohar Lavie
In Hebrew
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