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Retreat Dharma Talks

Opening, Steadying, Allowing

Cultivating equanimity and understanding Dharma as saṅkhāra.

2020-04-24 (2 days) SanghaSeva

2020-04-24 Opening Talk for Opening, Steadying, Allowing 12:26
Nathan Glyde
The first dharma talk of the retreat - we've already done all the practical stuff, established the sila, and are opening the theme: Opening, Steadying, and Allowing. Yet there are many ways to see any retreat, and these are just suggestions that may be helpful...
2020-04-24 Day 1 Meditation Instructions - Opening Body and Welcoming Breath 28:47
Zohar Lavie
In Hebrew
2020-04-24 Ways of Looking, Hindrances, and the Transformation of Dukkha 41:09
Zohar Lavie
2020-04-25 Day 2 Instructions - Allowing and Spacious, yet Sensitive and Intimate 57:22
Nathan Glyde
Opening awareness without losing contact with phenomena.
2020-04-25 Mettā to Phenomena 44:53
Zohar Lavie
In Hebrew
2020-04-25 Closing talk for Opening, Steadying, Allowing 30:21
Nathan Glyde
Two meaningful questions: 1. How can we know when practice is going well? 2. How can we practice well, in all of our lives?
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