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Releasing Dukkha

A Weekend Retreat with Tovana in Israel

2019-11-27 (4 days) SanghaSeva

2019-11-28 Dukkha and Release 64:03
Nathan Glyde
Exploring the middle way between extremes via the wisdom teachings of the dependent origination of tanha and dukkha. At one place I couldn't remember the name of Shinzan Palmo (apologies).
2019-11-29 Instruction - Opening Contraction to Release Dukkha 46:52
Nathan Glyde
Understanding the dependent origination of dukkha, we work to open the contraction in the body or energy field of awareness that co-arises with dukkha. Taṇhā and Dukkha co-arise — Dukkha appears as Contraction.
2019-11-29 Guided Breath Energy Meditation 44:17
Nathan Glyde
Exploration of the whole body via breath energy 'imagination' a la Ajahn Thanisarro
2019-11-30 Instruction - Meeting All Phenomena with Kindness And Care 49:37
Nathan Glyde
Bringing an atmosphere of mettā to all phenomena. Including all the aggregates (khandhas): every vedanā; and all perceptions (saññā); via every sense door of the body (rūpa) in consciousness (viññāṇa). Including the perception of the (saṅkhāra of a) sense of self, and of the sense of mettā.
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