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Retreat Dharma Talks

The Four Immeasurables

This retreat was dedicated to the exploration and cultivation of four natural wonders of the heart: friendliness, compassion, appreciative joy, and equanimity.
Together with the practices of mindfulness and investigation, these four inter-related qualities help us find a path through life conducive to healing, awakening, and freedom.

2019-09-02 (8 days) Gaia House

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2019-09-06 Guided Mudita Practice with Insight Dialogue 48:37
Jenny Wilks
2019-09-06 Dharma Talk - The Nearest Joy 50:30
Nathan Glyde
2019-09-07 Meditation Instructions - Equanimity 61:55
Jenny Wilks
2019-09-07 Guided Meditation 42:21
Nathan Glyde
Meeting all things with Metta and Equanimity
2019-09-07 Dharma Talk - Unshakeable Tenderness 56:19
Zohar Lavie
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