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The greatest gift is the
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Retreat Dharma Talks

Somnath Silent Retreat

On the edge of a wild jungle and tiger reserve, we spend time meditating in the refuge community whom say "no to no-one".

2018-12-31 (10 days) SanghaSeva

2019-01-02 Ways that Hinder and Ways that Free 1:17:18
Nathan Glyde
Looking at the five hindrances as opportunities for exploration.
2019-01-03 Vedana Heals the View 58:53
Zohar Lavie
Dukkhā's escalation can be eased, and even fully calmed, at times, by seeing the vedanā (the underlying preference for what seems good) and bringing in conscious wisdom.
2019-01-04 Thoughts about Thoughts 62:19
Nathan Glyde
Thoughts are seen to be ephemeral and insubstantial when we turn towards them, yet they display a considerable influence over our lives when we don't give them due attention.
2019-01-05 Cultivating Liberation 69:06
Zohar Lavie
Cultivating the wholesome qualities of heart and mind.
2019-01-06 Creative, Curious, Caring 60:46
Nathan Glyde
There is always a way of looking and there is always something we can do. Exploring the poetry of fabricated life, and the creative juice we can bring to our practice. Wise action supports us to include what is arising; get intimate with it; feel the space around it all; transcend the petty towards the noble; and liberate love.
2019-01-07 Joy and Service 46:04
Zohar Lavie
Service brings joy, and joy urges us towards care for others and the world. Service is joyful, and joy can be of service for what really matters.
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