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Retreat Dharma Talks

Meditation and Mindfulness in Daily Life

2018-02-16 (6 days) Gaia House

2018-02-17 Hindrances, "G.R.A.I.N", collecting and resourcing the heart-mind 61:16
Chris Cullen
2018-02-18 Creative Engagement, Contact And Feeling Tones 60:41
Martine Batchelor
How mindfulness of contact and feeling tones could lead to creative engagement in daily life.
2018-02-19 Domains of insight 64:04
Chris Cullen
2018-02-20 The Four Stages of Creative Engagement 53:26
Martine Batchelor
An indepth exploration of the different ways meditation can help us to creatively engaged in daily life, including within our relationships with loved ones.
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