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Retreat Dharma Talks

Being in This World

2017-07-14 (5 days) Gaia House

2017-07-15 Being in This World with Dharma Lenses 53:09
Jaya Rudgard
Some thoughts on what it means to "be in this world" from the perspective of the Buddha's teachings.
2017-07-16 Ways of Being in This World (I) - Taking the Stance of Loving Kindness 55:16
Kirsten Kratz
Cultivating the stance of Lovingkindness
2017-07-17 In Praise of the Peaceful Heart 53:38
Jaya Rudgard
The value and practice of equanimity.
2017-07-18 Ways of Being in This World (Pt2) 41:03
Kirsten Kratz
Ways of being in this world - the play of perception.
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