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Dharma Talks Access for Retreatants

Nine-day insight meditation retreat led by Jill Shepherd

An exploration of insight meditation practice through the lens of the Seven Factors of Awakening
2016-08-05 (10 days) Blue Mountains Insight Meditation Centre

2016-08-07 11 Awakening Factor of Investigation 39:34
  Jill Shepherd
An exploration of Investigation as the Second Awakening Factor, and how it can reveal the three universal characteristics of impermanence, unsatisfactoriness and not-self
2016-08-08 12 Instructions: Different qualities of Mindfulness 11:08
  Jill Shepherd
Mindfulness as a relationship to experience, not a static thing Bringing mindfulness to mindfulness itself, and noticing its different qualities Opening up the field of awareness to include the six senses
2016-08-08 13 Guided meditation: mental noting continued 29:26
  Jill Shepherd
Mindfulness of breathing, physical sensations, and sound Opening to choiceless awareness
2016-08-08 14 Instructions: Brahma-vihara overview and metta 14:38
  Jill Shepherd
Overview of the four brahma vihara, and practice of metta for the benefactor
2016-08-08 15 Guided meditation: Metta for benefactor 25:40
  Jill Shepherd
Metta for the benefactor, then oneself
2016-08-08 16 Energy / Viriya Awakening Factor 40:07
  Jill Shepherd
An exploration of Energy as the Third Awakening Factor: some common ways that energy becomes unbalanced, resulting in striving or complacency, and how to come back to balance
2016-08-09 17 Instructions: Feeling-tone / Vedana 15:40
  Jill Shepherd
Introduction to the Second Foundation of Mindfulness, mindfulness of feeling-tone / vedana
2016-08-09 18 Guided meditation: Feeling-tone / Vedana 30:20
  Jill Shepherd
Mostly silent meditation, with occasional instructions to explore unpleasant, pleasant, and neutral feeling-tones
2016-08-09 19 Instructions: Metta and its near and far enemies 9:36
  Jill Shepherd
Metta as a "purification" practice, and how to recognise the near and far enemies of metta
2016-08-09 20 Meditation: Metta for self and friend 33:07
  Jill Shepherd
Metta for the self, a good friend, and all beings
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