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Retreat Dharma Talks

Awakening Joy Retreat

2016-05-17 (6 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2016-05-17 Opening Night Talk 63:44
James Baraz, Debra Chamberlin-Taylor, Howard Cohn
2016-05-18 Intention and Mindfulness as Supports for Joy 55:23
James Baraz
The process of awakening joy starts with the intention to place well-being at the center of your life. Mindfulness is then utilized as the basic tool of a joyful life.
2016-05-19 Day 2 Sitting/Instructions 58:36
Howard Cohn
2016-05-19 Letting Go Into Joy and Love 50:28
Debra Chamberlin-Taylor
How a friend's death reminds us of the freedom and joy possible as we let go. Specific suggestions that keep us open and let go.
2016-05-19 Late Evening Sitting 13:30
Debra Chamberlin-Taylor
2016-05-20 Day 3 Sitting/Instructions 61:39
James Baraz
2016-05-20 Opening to Suffering, Integrity and Forgiveness 1:11:48
James Baraz
In order to cultivate true well-being we need to learn to open to all the suffering in our lives. Living with integrity and learning how to forgive ourselves and others are essential supports in this process as well.
2016-05-20 The Joy of Awakening 65:34
Howard Cohn
Following the Buddha's journey through sense pleasures to concentration, to equanimity, to freedom.
2016-05-21 Day 4 Sitting/Instructions 58:40
Howard Cohn
2016-05-21 Heart Practices for Awakening Joy 63:12
James Baraz
Opening our hearts to ourselves to others with loving-kindness and compassion are central to awakening the joy that's right inside us.
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