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A Day of Connection: Sustainable Practice for a Sustainable World

Today we launch the third year of Earth Care Week. All dharma practitioners who consider caring for the Earth an important part of their Dharma practice are welcome. In addition, we are inviting the extended community of Bay Area "green sanghas" to participate in the day, including Green Sangha, the Spirit Rock Green Groups, the Green Gulch Ecosattvas, IMCB Green Committee and others. When we hold each other's hands we know that we're not alone. We draw strength from our connection and invite others to join with us. That is how meaningful change can happen. That's what makes "Refuge in Sangha" a source of inspiration and possibility. Today we'll explore how taking action for the planet can be a rich dharma practice that brings out the best in ourselves and in others. We will practice wise balance between the inner practices that so support us and the outer actions that we need to take to sustain the planet. We'll express caring and love for the earth in ways that meaningfully addresses the issue, while having fun along the way. We hope you will join us!
2015-10-04 (1 day) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2015-10-04 Introduction to A Day of Connectoin 18:43
  James Baraz
2015-10-04 Sustained by the Gladness of the Wholesome 28:28
  James Baraz
Wise effort includes developing and maintaining and increasing wholesome states. When anger and outrage are the source of our action we’re headed towards burnout and despair. When we come from caring and love, our actions are not only energizing for us but magnetizing for others.
2015-10-04 Sustained by Sangha 26:06
  Ayya Santussika
It is through taking action together that we wield power and experience relief, especially as we expand our notion of sangha beyond the usual boundaries, to all faiths, to all people taking action in accordance with our shared values of compassion, justice and peace. And we bring our own quintessential flavor, our Buddhist practice, our confidence in the Dharma and our commitment to face the way things actually are.
2015-10-04 From Separation to Seamless Reality 31:37
At the core of our climate crisis, is the dualistic mind that continually generates an ‘other’ that is ‘out there,’ distorting the reality of deep inter-being. From economic systems founded in colonialism, slavery, and servitude, the mindset of ‘less important lives’ fuels a process of abuse that is now killing our living planet. How can our practice inform us as we stop the madness, and enter the journey of reclamation, healing, resistance and activism.
2015-10-04 How to be an Earthling 30:09
  Wes Nisker
Stories celebrating our experience as Earthlings. Earth days (and Earth Care days) are not just a call to “do something” to heal our damaged eco-systems, but more of a spiritual exercise, a time to celebrate all life, regardless of kingdom, phyla, or species: regardless of color of skin, feathers, fur, flowers, leaves or bark. This is a time to reflect on our connection to this planet, and to embrace our basic identity as "earthlings.”
2015-10-04 Closing the Day 14:12
  James Baraz
Naomi Newman and James Baraz close the day with a Kabbalist creation story, and guided meditation.
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