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Retreat Dharma Talks

Insight Meditation Retreat for Young Adults

In this retreat we will quiet minds and open our hearts through the practices of insight and loving-kindness meditations. Together we will come to see that freedom is possible through meeting ourselves, our relationships and our world more fully with deepening wisdom, compassion and acceptance. This retreat will include silent and guided meditations, periods of sitting and walking meditation, qigong, practice meetings with the teachers, dharma talks and a chance to build community. Devon Rath will assist on this retreat.

2015-08-03 (7 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2015-08-04 Loving Kindness Meditation, Day One 30:30
Pascal Auclair
2015-08-04 An Intimate Life 63:04
Tempel Smith
Breath by breath, step by step, we deepen our intimacy with life. This opens us up to what is beautiful and also gives us a capacity to be conscious during difficult times as well. The more aware we are, the better the choices we make.
2015-08-05 Morning Instructional Sit, Day Two 59:13
Tempel Smith
2015-08-05 Mining the Gems of the Hindrances 64:18
Dori Langevin
When we can wisely relate to grasping, aversion, sleepiness/dullness, restlessness/worry and doubt as visitors rather than enemies, they can transform into their wisdom nature. Note: Description of the gem of sleepiness is at the end of the next morning's instructional sit.
2015-08-06 Morning Instructional Sit, Day Three 51:39
Dori Langevin
2015-08-06 Loving Kindness Meditation, Day Three 30:40
Tempel Smith
2015-08-06 A Contract you Wouldn't Sign 68:55
Pascal Auclair
The arc of practice, going from noticing phenomena and their uniqueness to becoming intimate with their universal characteristics. All this to free the heart.
2015-08-07 Morning Instructional Sit, Day Four 53:19
Pascal Auclair
2015-08-07 Loving Kindness Meditation, Day Four 33:32
Dori Langevin
2015-08-07 Love is the Answer 61:13
Spring Washam
Walking the spiritual path with love and grace. Facing difficulties can lead to deeper wisdom and compassion.
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