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Retreat Dharma Talks

March Insight 1 Month Retreat

An extended period of retreat offers the rare opportunity for sustained and dedicated practice. This retreat emphasizes quieting the mind, opening the heart, and developing profound clarity and depth of insight practice. Instruction will follow the traditional four foundations of mindfulness, combined with training in lovingkindness and compassion, through a daily schedule of silent sitting, walking, dharma talks and interview

2015-02-28 (29 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2015-03-16 Morning Instructions Day 17 3:55
Sylvia Boorstein
Brief Comments on Paying Attention
2015-03-16 Brahma Vihara Day 16 - Mudita 37:06
Donald Rothberg
2015-03-16 Staying in Your Seat 40:34
John Travis
One seat in the center of the room - the windows of the sense doors - the door of the mind. "Your only job is to stay in your seat." Ajahn Chah
2015-03-17 Brahma Vihara Day 17 Mudita 36:12
Winnie Nazarko
2015-03-17 Equanimity 56:52
Donald Rothberg
With poems, stories, haikus, and teachings, we explore the nature of equanimity, how to practice to cultivate equanimity, and some of the challenges of in our development of equanimity.
2015-03-18 Brahma Vihara Day 18 Mudita 37:30
Heather Sundberg
2015-03-18 How Practice Creates Happiness 52:50
Winnie Nazarko
Buddhism describes conditioned experience as being dukkha (unsatisfying/suffering) in the First Noble Truth. Yet practice leads to happiness - how does this paradox resolve? This talk describes how happiness arises in/through the Eightfold Path of practice.
2015-03-19 Brahma Vihara Day 19 44:04
John Travis
2015-03-19 Mindfulness, Great Mindfulness, Wisdom and Release 60:46
Heather Sundberg
In this talk Heather shares some of her personal connection with the Thai Forest Tradition, followed by offering a map of practice from the tradition. Sati (Mindfulness) - MahaSati (Pure Awareness) - SatiPanna (Mindfulness- Wisdom) - PannaVimudhi (Wisdom Leading to Release).
2015-03-20 From the Valley to the Mountain 64:25
John Travis
Using metaphors and imagery talk outlines Dependent Origination and Transcendental Dependent Arising.
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