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Retreat Dharma Talks

Awakening in Service & Action: A Study Retreat on Socially Engaged Buddhism

2014-04-17 (7 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

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2014-04-18 Why Buddhism and the Modern World Need Each Other 55:50
David Loy
With comments by Donald Rothberg
2014-04-18 Connecting Inner and Outer Transformation 62:15
Donald Rothberg
We explore the tendencies to polarize inner and outer practices, the vision of connecting them, some socially engaged Buddhist exemplars, and how the principles of transformation are the same whether in individual, relational or collective domains.
2014-04-19 The Three Poisons Institutionalized 61:01
David Loy
2014-04-19 Purification Through Love 55:53
Spring Washam
2014-04-19 Practicing With Views and the Judgmental Mind 62:13
Donald Rothberg
2014-04-20 The Eco-Crisis as a Spiritual Crisis 54:27
David Loy
There are precise and profound parallels between what Buddhism says about our usual individual predicament and our collective ecological predicament today.
In collection: One Earth Sangha
2014-04-20 What about Karma? 29:46
David Loy
2014-04-21 Morning Session - Why We Love War 41:26
David Loy
2014-04-21 Dana: The Actions of a Caring Heart 52:50
Tempel Smith
As we free our hearts from contraction, fear, anger and selfishness, we receive the world with a tender heart. This tender heart cares for others and from this, generous actions flow.
2014-04-21 Practicing With Difficult Emotions 61:10
Donald Rothberg
We explore, through stories, poems and teachings, four inter-related ways to practice with difficult emotions, 1- using antidotes, 2- cultivating the "heart practices" of loving-kindness, compassion, joy, forgiveness, etc, 3- cultivating mindfulness and 4- bringing wisdom to the experience
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