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Retreat Dharma Talks

2013 IMCW Spring Retreat: Intimacy With Life

Vipassana, or Buddhist Meditation, is a way of opening to life and seeing clearly the totality of one’s being and experience. The practice is based on cultivating a present-centered mindfulness, leading to an unfolding of our natural wisdom and compassion. The focus of this retreat is to enhance intimacy with ourselves and the world. In order to help participants discover a sense of stillness and deep listening, silence will be maintained throughout the retreat except during question/answer periods and interviews with the teachers. In addition to sitting and walking meditation practice, there will be sessions of mindful movement led each day by Jonathan Foust.

2013-04-26 (8 days) Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC

2013-04-27 Morning Guided Meditation 39:19
Tara Brach
2013-04-27 Morning Instructions 19:16
Tara Brach
Morning Instructions - with RAIN, standing and walking explanation
2013-04-27 Guided Heart Meditation - Forgiveness 30:03
Tara Brach
2013-04-27 Transforming Suffering into Happiness 60:55
James Baraz
The magic of mindfulness is how it weakens unwholesome (akusala) states of suffering and strengthens wholesome (kusala) states of well-being. This talk explains this process of alchemy: how greed, hatred and delusion are transformed into generosity, loving-kindness and wisdom.
2013-04-28 Loving Ourselves 59:03
Tara Brach
The greatest truths we forget, and one of them is that if we don't love the life that is right here--what we perceive as self--we are unable to embrace our world. This talk explores the suffering of turning on ourselves and the deep freedom that arises when we commit to relating to our inner life with loving presence.
2013-04-29 Morning Meditation and Instructions 39:55
Pat Coffey
2013-04-29 Guided Metta Meditation and Question/Response 52:21
James Baraz
2013-05-01 Guided Meditation - Flower Metta 25:27
Pat Coffey
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