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Retreat Dharma Talks

Mindfulness, Insight, Liberation: The Foundations of MBCT/MBSR

2011-09-16 (7 days) Gaia House

2011-09-16 Opening Talk for Mindfulness, Insight, Liberation: The Foundations of MBCT/MBSR Retreat 60:30
Christina Feldman
This talk also includes John Teasdale and Jenny Wilks. This is the introductory talk for a retreat that is particularly relevant to those teaching or training in mindfulness-based applications. The retreat explores the Four Foundations of Mindfulness, as taught in the Satipatthana discourse given by the Buddha.
2011-09-17 Unveiling Our Inner Loveliness: Working Skilfully with the Hindrances 54:35
John Teasdale
Working with the hindrances is a central, vital and continuing aspect of the path to freedom. But it is not easy - some reasons why are discussed.
2011-09-18 Calming the Formations 54:21
Christina Feldman
Learning to calm agitation is a theme that runs through the teaching of metta and insight meditation.
2011-09-19 The Ending of Suffering 51:38
Jenny Wilks
The Four Noble Truths show how understanding the nature and causes of dukkha can bring it to an end, in relation to both minor and major difficulties in life.
2011-09-20 Taste of Freedom 57:06
Christina Feldman
The Buddha describes the dialogue between mindfulness and wise effort in the face of intractable patterns.
2011-09-21 Mindfulness and the Transformation of Dukkha (Suffering) 52:18
John Teasdale
Mindfulness can alter the conditions supporting the moment by moment creation of suffering by: 1. Changing WHAT the mind processes; 2. Changing HOW the mind processes; and 3. Changing the VIEW of what the mind processes.
2011-09-22 Compassion 48:49
Christina Feldman
Compassion is at the heart of understanding suffering and the way to its end.
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