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The greatest gift is the
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Retreat Dharma Talks

Mindfulness Training for Yoga Teachers Program (Retreat 2)

This is the second of three retreats in the Mindfulness Training for Yoga Teachers Program, an in-depth 18-month program for yoga teachers and experienced practitioners that integrates yoga, mindfulness meditation and Patanjali's classical yoga system.

2011-09-12 (11 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2011-09-15 Meditation with Instructions 17:35
Phillip Moffitt
Renunciation and earth and air elements; guided meditation
2011-09-15 First Noble Truth: Skillfully Working with Suffering 52:22
Mark Coleman
2011-09-16 Craving 55:09
Anna Douglas
There are so many things to want in this world. The Buddha's advice? Want what is true...
2011-09-19 Morning Instructions 41:52
Mark Coleman
Exploration of Awareness through Space and Sound; use of Bells and Bowls
2011-09-19 Anata-Buddha's Teaching on Not Self 55:35
Mark Coleman
This talk explores the understanding of the changing nature of self and explores it through the teachings of the 5 skandas (aggregates).
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