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Retreat Dharma Talks

Metta: Lovingkindness Retreat

2012-02-10 (8 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

2012-02-11 Mindfulness Sitting And Walking Meditation Instructions 67:55
Mark Coleman
2012-02-12 Metta Practice Instructions 51:06
Gina Sharpe
Introducing the Metta practice - self and benefactor.
2012-02-12 The Heart Unbound 53:37
Mark Coleman
What is Metta - loving kindness - and how do we work with obstacles and barriers so the heart can be open and free to love.
2012-02-13 Metta and the Paramis 68:00
Gina Sharpe
How Metta reflects the cultivation and development of paramis and the paramis as manifestation of Metta.
2012-02-15 Forgiveness Practice Is Of The Heart 50:01
Gina Sharpe
2012-02-15 The Heart Of Compassion 50:27
Mark Coleman
Compassion is an essential quality on the path of life - how do we cultivate this, what gets in the way and how does the caring heart move in the world in openness to pain.
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