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Retreat Dharma Talks

February Monthlong Insight Retreat

2011-02-05 (29 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

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2011-02-27 Unentangled Knowing 59:04
Guy Armstrong
"Unentangled knowing" is an approach to meditation in which we are aware of things coming and going at the sense doors without becoming caught in them. Supported by tranquility and insight, we can rest in the knowing while being fully awake to life.
2011-02-28 Emptiness and Compassion 61:45
Carol Wilson
2011-03-01 The Potential of the Conditioned World 52:13
Winnie Nazarko
Each of us is an open-ended process, matrixed with everything else. The very open-endedness of our nature allows for transformation in the direction of happiness, once we understand the lawfulness of things and act on that understanding. The fact that we are matrixed with other beinigs/things means our individual development has positive effects on others, beyond what we can directly observe/know.
2011-03-02 Opening to the Moment 61:49
James Baraz
Open9ing to the moment and being with things as they are is easier said than done. This talk explores what gets in the way and the qualities and attitudes that support opening to the moment including forgiveness, patience, contentment and a sense of humor.
2011-03-03 Right View and Intention: The Heart of the Path 59:49
Sally Armstrong
2011-03-04 A Wise Person is Known by Her Actions 61:46
Carol Wilson
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