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Retreat Dharma Talks

July through October 2011 at IMS - Forest Refuge

Jhana retreat with Venerable Pa Auk Sayadaw

2011-07-01 (123 days) Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge

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2011-07-02 Instructions, Questions and Answers, and Precepts 39:18
Pa Auk Sayadaw
2011-07-02 Brief Introduction 30:06
Sayadaw U Jagara
How we can use a tradition and learn something from it. Reminder that the Buddha's teaching refers to "The Gradual Training"
2011-07-09 Gradual Training 1:14:16
Sayadaw U Jagara
Tentative elaboration of the gradual Training found in the suttas. Starting with Sila and Samadhi and sub-divisions. Simple description of guarding the sense doors. Full understanding and the five hindrances.
2011-07-13 Questions And Answers 62:45
Sayadaw U Jagara
2011-07-16 Good Friendship and How To Calm Down The Thinking Mind. 65:50
Sayadaw U Jagara
Friendship is necessary in life for the support of psychological and educational growth. It can equal the Dhamma or eight fold path. How to make our mind our friend, tentative exploration owith " Vitaka SanThona Sutta" MN -19 + MN -20
2011-07-20 Questions and Answers 63:14
Sayadaw U Jagara
2011-07-23 Purpose, goal and how to balance the practice. 1:16:57
Sayadaw U Jagara
What is your aim in life? Find out! How to reach it? Balance body and mind. Simile of Bath Attendant describing experience experiences of 1st jhana explained
2011-07-27 Questions and Answers 1:27:35
Sayadaw U Jagara
2011-07-30 Orientation Of Purpose 68:26
Sayadaw U Jagara
Development of the four roads, basis for success (or spiritual power)
2011-08-03 Questions and Answers 61:24
Sayadaw U Jagara
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