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Retreat Dharma Talks

Meditation and Yoga

2010-06-20 (8 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2010-06-21 Light of Awareness 50:16
Mark Coleman
Using the metaphor of light as awareness, this talk weaves in poetry, and teachings of the Buddha to explore the role of mindfulness in the path of practice.
2010-06-22 The Cure for Pain is in the Pain 63:25
Howard Cohn
The power of awareness to turn our difficulties into the path of awakening and freedom.
2010-06-23 The Life of the Body 58:21
Anna Douglas
Mindful awareness of the life of the body teaches us how to live, and how to die.
2010-06-24 Path of Kindness 59:07
Mark Coleman
How do the practices of mindfulness and metta (loving kindness) work together - and the important of bringing a kind loving presence to working with difficulties and pain.
2010-06-25 All About Me 62:46
Howard Cohn
Similar to other talks on personality view, sakaya dhitti, and how we can notice the myriad ways it is spawned in our thoughts
2010-06-26 What Changes as we Practice 54:49
Anna Douglas
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