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Christina Feldman's Dharma Talks
Christina Feldman
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What I teach is a reflection of the constantly changing nature of my own practice. When I give a talk it is not a set agenda, but something that I've been reflecting about. The talks tend to be in rhythm with my own practice.
1981-01-01 Meditation 5:59:29
At our request, Christina recommended this collection of her talks for a Meditation album.
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
Aloneness 54:12
Recognizing the state of aloneness that brings, not isolation and withdrawal, but connectedness.
Inspiration And Contentment 39:49
Discovering our own deepest understanding of ourselves.
Do We Work It Out, Or Let It Go? 42:01
The story of Hiu Neng.
Development Of Samadhi 43:46
Insight into the development of samadhi. Establishing a sense of inner balance, stability, and clarity.
Seeking The Sacred 34:31
Responding to our inner call for a life of peace, joy, and connectedness.
Taming Our Demons 45:40
Transforming our demons into helpful servants.
Wise Effort 49:28
Recognizing that we are in charge of the effort we need to change our life.
Attentiveness, Insight, And Emptiness 49:58
By understanding the relationship between attentiveness, insight, and emptiness, we learn how to meet the challenges in our life with compassion and generosity.

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