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Jenny Wilks's Dharma Talks
Jenny Wilks
2016-03-17 Skillful Paths of Bodily Action 49:33
This is the first talk in a 3-part speaker series titled "Pathways of Skillful Action". Jenny Wilks provides an overview of what we mean by ethics, and how the Buddha's list of ten paths of skillful action expand on the traditional five precepts and encompass body, speech, and mind. This talk focuses on the body and the first 3 precepts.
Insight Meditation South Bay - Silicon Valley
2015-09-07 The Metta Sutta - a commentary on the Buddhas teaching on cultivating goodwill 56:03
Gaia House Friendliness, Mindfulness and Liberation
2015-05-24 Joy and the Brahma Viharas 45:03
Some reflections on how we can overcome suffering and cultivate appreciative joy.
Gaia House The Joy of Awakening
2014-12-29 Dependent Arising - Deconstructing The Causes of Suffering 47:44
An exploration of how we create a sense of self that leads to dukkha.
Gaia House New Year's Retreat
2014-09-24 What Does it Mean to be Free ? 57:58
An exploration of suffering and freedom, in relation to personal and global challenges.
Gaia House Living with Uncertainty - Knowing Freedom
2014-08-04 Mindfulness and Compassion 47:58
Mindfulness is not only for ones own benefit, but is also practiced externally, to cultivate compassion for others.
Gaia House Mindfulness and Awakening
2014-07-31 Why Mindfulness is Liberating 57:11
Exploring how mindfulness practice can take us from stress reduction to freedom from suffering.
Gaia House Mindfulness and Awakening
2014-02-18 Non-Judgement and Wise Discernment 55:26
Mindfulness is often described as non-judgmental. This talk considers what this means and how it relates to the capacity to distinguish between skilful and unskillful mind-states and behaviours.
Gaia House Origins and Applications of Mindfulness - MBCT MBSR Retreat
2013-12-29 Beginner's Mind 54:09
Through the practice of mindful awareness we come to see how we construct our experience of the world, and can free ourselves from the limitations imposed by our subjective assumptions and preferences.
Gaia House New Year's Retreat
2013-12-01 Insight Meditation and Other Buddhist Traditions 60:27
An outline of Insight Meditation in the context of basic Buddhist teachings, including some thoughts about what we can learn from the different emphases of some other traditions.
Gaia House Keeping Our Practice Alive

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