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Heather Sundberg's Dharma Talks
Heather Sundberg
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Heather Sundberg began teaching meditation in 1999 primarily to youth and families. She completed teacher training at Spirit Rock and is mentored by Jack Kornfield. Heather has studied with senior teachers in the Insight Meditation and Tibetan (Vajrayana) traditions, and has sat 1-3 months of retreat a year for over a decade. She was teacher and mangager of the Spirit Rock Family Program from 2001-2010. She is a teacher for Mountain Stream Meditation Center in the Sierra Foothills and also teaches classes, daylongs and retreats nationally, especially at Spirit Rock Meditation Center.
2012-03-18 "The Doors to the Deathless are Open!: Cycles of Awakening". 59:15
"The spiritual path moves through cycles. The key is balance." The talk journeys from the ground of ethical conduct through developing concentration, working with doubt, developing insight, working with dukkha of many types, to stabilizing in equanimity and opening to and integrating awakening.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Insight Meditation Retreat, March Month Long

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