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Kittisaro's Dharma Talks
Kittisaro, from Tennessee, a Rhodes Scholar and a Buddhist practitioner for over 35 years including 15 years as a Theravada monk in the Forest School of Ajahn Chah. He is also a practitioner of Pure Land and Chan Buddhism. He is co-founder, with Thanissara of Dharmagiri Sacred Mountain Retreat in South Africa and has completed two year long retreats. Kittisaro currently lives in the North Bay, California, teaches at IMS and Spirit Rock, and is co-author of Listening to the Heart, A Contemplative Journey to Engaged Buddhism.
2017-11-22 Beyond the Tangle of Thought (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 35:49
Sakka's question to the Buddha-Why do People wanting to live in peace and harmony end up living in conflict and hate?
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Thanksgiving Insight Meditation Retreat: A Journey into Presence, Peace and Gratitude

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