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Transforming Distressing States of Mind, Heart, and Body­-For Ourselves and Our World

In this retreat, we will explore the radical interdependence of individual and social healing. We will focus on transforming harsh judgments of self and other. We will also emphasize working skillfully with conflict, and contributing to the 'Great Turning' toward a life-affirming culture and planet
2010-04-07 (8 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2010-04-08 Resources from the Teachings and Practice of the Buddha for Transforming Distressing States of Body, Heart and Mind 63:55
  Donald Rothberg
We examine the twin tracks of transformation - (1) going into what is difficult, into our suffering and wounds; and (2) cultivating awakened states. We explore the resources of (1) wisdom, through examining the the Four Truths and the arrows; (2) mindfulness as a central tool leading to wisdom; and (3) heart practices such as lovingkindness - all with an eye to their roles in helping us to transform distress.
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