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Retreat @ Raymond

1992-01-01 (4 days) Khema Archive (Raymond Island - Victoria - Australia)

1992-01-01 The "Why" and "How" of Meditation; Meditation Instructions; Loving-Kindness Meditation; Walking Meditation 62:18
  Ayya Khema
1992-01-02 5 Daily Recollections = Contemplation; 3 Meditation Factors vs. 3 Hindrances 1:26:01
  Ayya Khema
1992-01-03 Insight into the 4 mental aggregates; Unconditional Love; Loving-Kindness Meditation (beloved person) 66:01
  Ayya Khema
1992-01-04 2 Meditation Factors vs. 2 Hindrances; Dhamma in Daily Life; Loving-Kindness Meditation (Lotus flower) 1:24:43
  Ayya Khema
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