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IMCW Wednesday Evening Talks

Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC

2014-04-16 RAIN - Cultivating a Mindful Awareness 1:22:24
  Tara Brach
The acronym RAIN is a powerful tool for interrupting habitual patterns of emotional reactivity and discovering the freedom of an awake, compassionate presence. This talk explores the components of RAIN, how it works, what makes it transformational and typical challenges people encounter. The teachings include a guided RAIN meditation.
2014-04-23 Awakening Through Conflict 1:22:33
  Tara Brach
As long as we are identified as separate selves, we will inevitably experience conflict with others. If we learn to release blame and deepen attention to our embodied experience, conflict can become a portal for more loving, alive relationships and awakening into the fullness of our being.
2014-04-30 Part 2 - Conflict - From Fight Flight Freeze to Attend Befriend 1:17:26
  Tara Brach
How do we reconcile conflict when caught in reactivity sourced in trauma or deep wounding? This talk looks at the need for a larger field of belonging - a trusted other person or safe group - to engender the presence and compassion that enables us to relax and reconnect with our own wholeness and with others.
2014-05-14 Question and Response 1:17:24
  Tara Brach
Tara explores a range of questions that include working with unworthiness, recognizing aspiration, stepping out of the story and understanding the selfless quality of experience.
2014-05-21 Heart Training on the Bodhisatva Path 56:38
  Tara Brach
Bodhisattva means “Awakened Being.” This path of awakening has three key domains for practice: remembering intention; training our attention; and compassionate activity. This talk reviews these domains and includes guided reflections that can help bring spirituality alive in daily life.
2014-05-28 Humility 1:18:36
  Tara Brach
In Buddhism and most faiths, humility - feeling that we all share common ground, feeling neither superior or inferior to others - is both a prerequisite to awakening and an expression of mature spirituality. This talk explores how our conditioning and culture reinforce a swing from ego-inflation (self-importance, feeling special, better than others) to ego-deflation (feeling unworthy). We then look at how a wise and kind attention opens us to who we are beyond these confining egoic states, and enables us to live with humility and grace.
2014-06-04 Awakening from Virtual Reality 1:22:24
  Tara Brach
This talk looks at the power our virtual reality of thoughts can hold over our lives. We then explore how bringing mindful awareness to thinking enables us to heal historical wounding and discover who we are beyond the self-story in our mind. We don’t have to believe our thoughts - they are "real but not true!"
2014-06-07 Contemplation of Impermanence 42:44
  Ven. Sayalay Susila
2014-06-08 Destruction of the Craving 1:13:35
  Ven. Sayalay Susila
2014-06-11 Freedom and Happiness in Daily Life 1:16:54
  Tara Brach
How you live today is how you live your life. This talk explores different meditative practices and teachings that help us reconnect with and nurture presence in the midst of the array of daily stressors.
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