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IMCW Wednesday Evening Talks

Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC

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2012-05-30 Intimacy with Life - Awakening Love 67:10
  Tara Brach
The Buddha taught about four Divine Abodes--dwelling places of the awakened heart mind: lovingkindness, compassion, joy and equanimity. In this four-part series, we will explore the ways our conditioning blocks us from these expressions of inner freedom, and the understandings and practices that enable us to inhabit our full potential.
2012-06-06 Cultivating Compassion 1:15:00
  Tara Brach
We each have the potential to live with a compassionate, open heart. In this talk we explore the conditioning that closes us off to authentic caring, and the ways of deepening our attention that help us live to include widening circles of beings in our heart.
2012-06-13 Committing to Joy 69:04
  Tara Brach
What makes joy rare? How do we awaken this beautiful capacity to embrace life? In this talk we explore the obstacles to joy and the attitude and practices that free us to "love what is."
2012-06-20 Cultivating Equanimity (Duck Meditation) 1:14:14
  Tara Brach
Equanimity, the mindful presence that neither grasps nor resists experience, is the grounds for unconditional love and wise action. This talk explores the conditioning that entraps us in reactivity, and two primary pathways for coming home to this natural state of balance and presence.
2012-06-27 Part 1 - Freedom: Seeing Who Is Looking Through the Mask 1:12:19
  Tara Brach
We suffer when we are identified with our egoic conditioning and unable to recognize the spirit - the love and awareness - that animates our own and all beings. In this talk we explore how recognizing our vulnerability and basic goodness helps us to see through the mask and realize who is here.
2012-07-04 Part 2 - Freedom: Taking the Backward Step 57:54
  Tara Brach
This talk investigates the core conditioning that creates and sustains trance. We then explore two gateways to realizing and inhabiting our true nature - inquiry and letting go.
2012-07-25 Listening with an Awake Heart 1:15:48
  Tara Brach
Listening to our inner life and each other is the grounds of healing, intimacy and love. This talk explores the challenges to offering a listening presence, and the qualities of open receptivity and interest that nourish true communicating.
2012-08-01 Back to the Garden 1:16:45
  Tara Brach
The suffering of perceiving ourselves as separate selves expresses as fear, aggression, shame and a host of other afflictive emotions. This talk examines how, by taking refuge in the present moment, and taking refuge in love, we reconnect with our wholeness, and the timeless presence that is home. This inquiry includes a guided meditation on the power of prayer to carry us back to our natural belonging.
2012-08-08 Real But Not True 1:18:24
  Tara Brach
One of the most liberating realizations is that we don't have to believe our thoughts. In this talk we look at the suffering caused by limiting beliefs--"I am unworthy, unlovable, unsafe"--and the process by which we open into the full aliveness and potential of our being.
2012-08-15 Part 1: 1000 Serious Moves 1:26:17
  Tara Brach
We easily habituate to feeling stressed, leaning forward, trying to figure things out and get things done. The undercurrent is we are living reactively--resisting unpleasant experience, seeking out more comfort and ease--perpetually wanting life to be different than it is. In response to this confined way of living, the Buddha invites us to discover our innate capacity for happiness, the well-being that arises in full presence. These two talks explore the ways we get caught in the trance of reactivity and grimness, and the pathways to unconditioned happiness.
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