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2012 IMCW Spring Retreat: Intimacy with Life

2012-04-27 (8 days) Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC

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2012-05-02 WedPM-Guided-Meditation - Inner Space: Gateway to Awareness 28:51
  Tara Brach
2012-05-02 WedPM-Be-Who-You-Are 62:13
  Tara Brach
By bringing a surrendering presence to mental, emotional and physical domains, we undo the trance of separation and discover our true nature. This talk explores the practices that cultivate the non-resisting space of presence, and the flavors of our essential being that are revealed: open awareness, love and a vibrant flow of awareness.
2012-05-03 ThuAM-Guided-Meditation-Backward-Step 24:04
  Tara Brach
2012-05-03 ThuPM-Meditation-on-Equanimity 27:16
  Eric Kolvig
2012-05-03 ThuPM-Bodhicitta: Awakening Human Potential 56:15
  Pat Coffey
Bodhicitta: Awakening human potential Blurb The energy of bodhicitta, the awakened heart/mind, is a beautiful counterbalance to the energies of the three poisons; greed, ill will and delusion. This talk begins with a short analysis of the institutionalization of the three poisons in our culture and then explores the inherent power of bodhicitta to help ameliorate suffering on all levels.
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