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The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Dharma Talks Access for Retreatants

The Rhinebeck Sitting Group Retreat

Insight meditation retreat with Jose Reissig
2011-10-21 (3 days) Dominican Sisters center at Saugerties

2011-10-21 Looking After Me 33:51
  Jose Reissig
To do so we must go inside - not to our impersonation by the ego, but to our complex being. Having done so, we are ready to transcend this complexity and find the peace of emptiness.
2011-10-22 Our Money or Our Life 41:04
  Jose Reissig
The problem with money is that it takes us to a strange and separate world, where only the bottom-line counts. The wall separating this world from the rest of our life stretches out inside ourselves, and splits us in two. A wholesome life requires that we take down this inner wall.
2011-10-23 The Path of Connectedness 34:09
  Jose Reissig
In the process of relating to others, we often barricade ourselves behind some form of collective identity; be it our family, clan, race, nationality, religion, whatever. To truly connect we need to drop this we-ego ("wego") and allow ourselves to be vulnerable to love unconditional.
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