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Standing Firm in That Which You Are: Mindfulness of the Body

Throughout the retreat, we will work primarily with the first of the Four Foundations of Mindfulness, that of mindfulness of the body. The 32 Parts of the Body meditation has rarely been taught in the West; you will be introduced to it from an insight perspective of the true nature and wonders of the body. This practice has also been used for healing illness and most importantly to help eradicate the erroneous view of self. Various methods will be taught to strengthen mindfulness of the body, and to explore the mind/body connection.
2011-09-23 (8 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

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2011-09-26 Equanimity Practice 31:35
  Mary Grace Orr
Allowing things to be just as they are
2011-09-27 Morning Instructions 41:50
  Mary Grace Orr
The invitation not to know.
2011-09-27 Meditation on the 5th Group of 32 Parts of the Body 42:21
  Bob Stahl
Bile, Phlegm, Pus, Blood, Sweat, Fat (Pittam, Semhan, Pubbo, Lohitam, Sedo, Medo)
2011-09-27 Meditation on the last group (6th) of the 32 Parts of the Body 43:37
  Mary Grace Orr
Tears, Grease, Saliva, Mucus, Oil of the Joints, Urine (assu, Vasa, Kelo, Singhanika, Lasika, Muttam)
2011-09-27 Worm Dhamma 63:12
  Bob Stahl
Who are we?
2011-09-28 Day 6 Morning Instructions 35:06
  Bob Stahl
Instruction, Elements Meditation, Q&A
2011-09-28 Question and Answer with Bob Stahl and Marcy Reynolds 62:59
  Bob Stahl
2011-09-29 Morning Instructions 42:43
  Mary Grace Orr
Instructions, Meditation, Q&A
2011-09-29 Still Seeking Refuge: 6 Places to Rest the Mind and Heart 54:22
  Mary Grace Orr
We all need places of rest and refuge, always. This teaching of the Buddha discusses six dwelling places for heart and mind, useful in our daily lives.
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