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Dharma Talks
1994-02-05 Intention 51:05
Sylvia Boorstein

1994-02-05 Intention 52:39
Sylvia Boorstein
This Dharma talk given at the beginning of a metta retreat, notes that this is a practice of intention. It asks, "What are our goals? Where are we going with it?" Sylvia reminds us to be mindful of our intention in practice. Clarity of intention is a motivator of zeal. It can help us see where we are going. It can also fortify and strengthen our practice, helping us see through the painful resistance to loving. Sylvia shares some candid stories of her own beginning practice with some suggestions for enhancing our practice.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
In collection Complete Metta Retreat

1994-02-04 Complete Metta Retreat 4:52:51

1994-02-04 Opening Talk: Refuges, Precepts And Guided Metta 57:08
Joseph Goldstein
Welcoming, laying the groundwork and asking, what is metta?
In collection Complete Metta Retreat

1994-02-01 Opening Talk Metta Retreat:Refuges,Precepts and Guided Metta med 52:33
Joseph Goldstein

1994-01-04 Intention & Purpose in Practice 58:20
Jack Kornfield

1994-01-01 The Great Journey Part 2: Sati 64:35
Steven Smith
Seeing the soft focus of pre-verbal awareness.
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Steven Smith Review

1994-01-01 Acceptance 47:54
Christina Feldman
Gaia House Gaia House Retreat

1994-01-01 Creating Conditions For Happiness 44:00
Sharda Rogell
Making the choice to live simply in openness, healing and acceptance.
Bodh Gaya

1993-12-31 Light In The Dark 61:04
Jack Kornfield
A journey of healing.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

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