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Mayuri Onerheim's Dharma Talks
Mayuri Onerheim
Mayuri Onerheim is a Diamond Approach teacher in the Bay Area, a Canadian chartered accountant and enrolled IRS agent. She has guided individuals and small businesses with their money issues for over 25 years. She has taught a Money Course in Diamond Approach groups throughout the world.
2009-10-11 Your Money! ...From Fear to Suffiency.... 52:57
What is your relationship to money? Are you afraid of "not enough"? Is money what you need to be happy? Money is so much a part of our psychology that the exploration of our relationship to money is essential for living our spirituality. Mayuri Onerheim has been exploring the central role of money in our quest for consciousness, both as a CPA and Diamond Heart teacher. She states, "It is probable that the current chaos of our economic system will radically change the future and hopefully will ultimately support the evolution of humanity both culturally and spiritually." We can each participate in this evolution by moving out of* our fear, worry and obsession about money. We can release the fantasy of chasing after "more is better" and enter the reality of sufficiency and satisfaction. The day will include mindfulness meditation practices and various forms of self-inquiry which support this transition, as well as practical tools. There will be periods of silence, as well as opportunities for questions.
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