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The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Dharma Talks
2002-05-22 Three Characteristics 56:12
  Adrianne Ross
How being with and understanding suffering and it's causes leads to deep insights into the nature of Anicca and Anatta. Ways of working with impermanence and "non-self" in our lives and practice.
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

2001-11-17 What Are We Doing Here? 53:53
  Ajahn Amaro
Reflecting about the first day of retreat: common thoughts and experiences, remembering our potential for happiness, and the three characteristics (anicca, dukkha, anatta).
Spirit Rock Meditation Center (Angela Center)

2000-02-24 No One There At All 58:01
  Sylvia Boorstein
Practicing the Insight of Anatta to promote the arising of the no-self.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

1999-12-02 Anatta 60:48
  Carol Wilson
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

1999-11-01 Wisdom Is Our Refuge 51:07
  Michele McDonald
understanding Anatta which leads to wisdom and truth as our refuge
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Partial #1(6 Weeks)

1999-09-14 Essential Dhamma #5: Anatta 1:12:09
  Steve Armstrong
what is not "I", "me", "mine"?
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

1999-05-01 Equanimity And Wisdom 1:10:30
  Kamala Masters
The spacious, serene balance of equanimity provides the proper container and support to see life as it truly is, moment-to-moment. This allows us to respond to conditions of life with more wisdom, and allows a deepening into the insights of anicca, dukkha and anatta.
Perth, Australia

1998-11-28 Anatta 56:09
  Ajahn Sucitto

1998-11-09 Anatta 1:10:31
  Ajahn Amaro
Exploring the Buddhas unique and subtle teachings on selflessness.

1997-08-18 Balance Of Samatha And Vipassana: Realising Anatta Dhamma Through Deeply Knowing Insight 37:46
Gaia House Retreat with Kittisaro

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